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Our Services

Longrand offers products and services for you to meet regulatory compliance, product safety standards and liability issues governing all facets of product design, manufacture and transporation.
We provide a bridge between regulatory requirements and business, helping industry meet the standards of IEC, ISO, ASTM, GB  and other industry and government agencies.

We are dedicated to quality service for our customers. Incorporated in Hong Kong, we have been in business since 1988 and are located in various cities of China.
Our present customers are based in the electronic manufacturing, appliance manufacturing, test laboratories, aeronautic and aerospace industries, and we also serve agencies of the national and municipal governments.

- Consulting services in Product Reliability / Safety and Acoustics.

- Testing services are offered in Environmental Tests, including climatic, temperature, thermal shock as well as sine / random vibrations and shocks.

- calibration services are available for testing chambers in temperature and humidity.




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