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Li-ion rechargeable battery 

charger and analyzer development kit



CHGR801 controller chip (for OEM ordering only)



CHGR801KIT plus 2 samples of JC801T





CHGR801 Manual

CHGR801 Quick setup 

CHGR801 Schematic v807 







Jamestronic CHGR801 Li-ion rechargeable battery charger and analyzer development kit

Product code :



CHGR801 is an intelligent Li-ion rechargeable battery charger and analyzer designed for 3.6V or 3.7V (nominal voltage) rechargeable Li-ion batteries. It has 2 independent channels, each channel can operate in 1 of 4 modes: Charge, Discharge, Discharge+Charge, Testing Mode. When Channel 1 operates in any 1 of these 4 modes, Channel 2 can also operates in any 1 of these 4 modes. Each mode has 4 settings of current level.



1.   Main board (PCB dimensions 90mm x 105mm)

2.   AC 100-240V to DC 6V, 2A (or >2A) adaptor

3.   Connecting wires : 2-pin wire x 3, 4-pin wire x 1

4.   Push button x 3

5.   Thermistor NTC 10k@25˚C


Unit Price:                     USD40.00                     FOB Hong Kong


  • Operate at AC100-240V with adaptor provided

  • 2 independent channels

  • 16 characters x 2 line LCD with backlight

  • 3 push buttons to operate

  • 4 mode of operations : Charge, Discharge, Discharge+Charge, Testing

  • Charge current selectable at 100mA, 200mA, 400mA or 800mA

  • Discharge current selectable at 50mA,100mA, 200mA or 400mA

  • Testing current range is same as Discharge

  • Measure from 1 to 9999 mAh current capacity

  • Measure temperature from 32˚F/0˚C to 194˚F/90˚C

  • Precharge at 50mA when battery voltage < 3V

  • Charge end at 4.15V +/-0.05V

  • Backlight auto OFF 3 minutes after last key pressed

  • Backlight auto ON when any channel complete operation

  • Backlight blinks every second at thermal shutdown

  • Reverse battery insertion protection




JC801T Controller Chip (for OEM ordering)

Product code:         JC801T

JC801T is the main chip controlling the operation of the CHGR801 Li-ion battery charger and analyzer. This chip is in TSSOP28 package, and is available for OEM to order. Minimum order quantity is 10 units. Please contact electronics@longrand.net for more information.




Product code :


This is CHGR801KIT plus 2 samples of JC801T in TSSOP28 package. This is for OEM or individual hobbyist to order for their further development. By ordering this package, schematic, datasheet, PCB gerber file and source file (in PowerPCB format) will be provided free of charge.  

Unit Price : USD40.00                            FOB Hong Kong





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